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Our Partnerships

LightHorse Group works in partnership with various organisations, including defence industry groups and Australia’s premier independent public markets advisors to deliver unparalleled expertise and financial insight specific to the sector.

Our Partners

Co-Advisory Mandates

We are typically able to provide all of the services that our clients require and prefer to be mandated on an exclusive basis. We do not require exclusivity: the success of transactions for our clients is our priority, so that, in situations in which our clients require bridge financing or other specialised products, we have acted and will act as a co-advisor with investment banks.

Through over 20 years of experience in the Australian market, we maintain good working relationships with each of the major investment banks. We work collaboratively and flexibly, but our independence and the knowledge that we have gained from working within those banks allows us to protect the interests of our clients from the institutional practices and incentives that give rise to conflicts of interests.

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