LightHorse Group specialises in transactions within the national security and defence sectors. Our team members offer a synthesis of industry specific and product expertise. LightHorse provides clients the benefit of our teams’ backgrounds in national security, defence, combat, corporate advisory, capital raising, legal and investing. Our Corporate Advisory and Capital Raising experience includes many transactions outside the national security industry and is a product of over 20 years’ working in international M&A and capital markets with skills and relationships built through careers at global investment banks. Members of the LightHorse Group team maintain relevant security clearances and the Group adheres to operational security protocols that facilitate conversations with businesses that operate in the most sensitive areas of national security and defence.

LightHorse Group supports companies that support Australia’s sovereign interests. These interests are themselves supported by deep and longstanding international alliances – particularly with the United States and United Kingdom through AUKUS. LightHorse Group maintains relationships with several US based M&A advisory, investment and Government access firms in order to help our clients access these critical overseas markets. Each of our overseas partners have their own advisory boards and relationships.